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Stanford researchers develop new, ‘three-dimensional’ CRISPR technology

On Thursday, a team led by assistant professor of bioengineering Stanley Qi released a study on a new form of gene-editing technology known as Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats genome organization, or CRISPR-GO, which allows scientists to move pieces of DNA within a cell nucleus. In contrast, previous CRISPR technology has been used to “cut” and “paste” sections of the genetic code within individual pieces of DNA.

Stanford Medicine hosts inaugural LGBTQ+ forum

On Wednesday, the Stanford School of Medicine held its inaugural LGBTQ+ Forum, aiming to establish a visible space for students, trainees, staff, faculty and alumni to discuss their stories about the LGBTQ+ community. Founded by Timothy Keyes, a fourth-year MD-Ph.D. student, the Forum is a collaboration between the School of Medicine, adult and children medical school hospitals and the wider campus community.