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‘Drogas Wave’ is the final boss of hip-hop concept albums

2018 has been an eventful year for hip-hop. The news cycle was dominated by rap feuds, battles for Billboard 200 supremacy, tragic artist deaths and Kanye West’s entire social media presence. Major releases came from J Cole, Logic, Nicki Minaj, Nas, Travis Scott, Noname, The Carters, Kendrick Lamar and countless others.   “Daytona,” “Kids See Ghosts,” “Dirty…

Freshly Baked: Where Is Our Spring Fling?

I’ve run into these sort of exchanges many a time, when people who’ve vaguely heard of Stanford’s reputation assume that it’s an Ivy League school, and every time, I just sort of smile and nod along. Unless it was said by a friend who’s just left themselves open for a good ball-busting, I tend not to go out of my way to correct the mistake, since a) I’ve always thought correcting a minor mistake like that to be sort of douchey and b) given the Ivies’ reps, it’s not like it’s an insult to be lumped in with them.

B.O.B. Your Head

Not only are his vocal stylings nothing to scoff at, it is important to note that the 21-year-old produced the majority of the album himself–in doing so, he has created tracks well-suited for each of his guests, allowing them to shine in their respective solos.