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Roxy Sass: Scoping out Stanford

To put it bluntly, Stanford is big, a characteristic Roxy usually appreciates (both in academic institutions and in men). When it comes to finding new hookups, there are plenty of options, but, like the female orgasm, they can be elusive (or so Roxy hears…she has little trouble with either). Fortunately for you, Roxy has developed a finely honed list of the best locations to meet your next mate.

Best movies of 2011

In a February article that appeared in GQ ominously titled “The Day the Movies Died,” eminent film-writer Mark Harris dubbed 2011 the year of sequels, prequels, reboots, adaptations and endless permutations of the above. Not that any of these are inherently problematic, but when studios repeatedly churn them out instead of coming up with something new to show us, well, it’s frustrating to say the least. Despite Mr. Harris’ dismal movie forecast, 2011 had its share of standouts, with even a few more still to come.

The Young Adult Section: The politics of “honesty”

I have had epic crushes. These crushes of mine, as many girls might know, were characterized by a disproportionate amount of time spent thinking about a particular boy. All of these epochal crushes resulted, sooner or later, in the boy discovering the dramatic secret. But they were never informed through the grapevine, oh no. Rather, the messenger was me, face-to-face and heart all aflutter every time.

Lessons in love

It may be true that all you need is love. Still, your typical elite university would probably argue that you need a little (or a lot) of math, chemistry and philosophy thrown in as well. Dominique Youkhehpaz ’11 learned this lesson the hard way when she applied to major in love through the Individually Designed Major program.