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Hip Support: On Aubrey Plaza, Tom Bennett, Bill Hader, and Hollywood’s Character Cast

The best American acting nowadays is being played for and from the rafters. Shapeshifters by the names of Regina Hall, Bill Hader, Kristin Wiig, and Aubrey Plaza have reminded us what it means to steal a scene. These usually non-A-list actors either redeem their otherwise forgettable vehicles (Regina Hall as an Insta-Mom in “Vacation”) or place the cherry…

Bitch, be careful: The importance of context in language

Whether or not you agree that “bitch” perpetuates a sexist conception of women and should be phased out, the lesson here is that context is everything: words matter, and it is vital to assess their meaning when they are used lest they mindlessly infiltrate our vocabulary like the word “like.” At the very least, people should be careful, speaking with intent not reckless abandon, recognizing exactly what they are saying, why, and to what effect.