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When home is no longer home

Halfway into my first quarter at Stanford, I finally called my mother. Hearing my mother’s voice on the phone, I recalled a memory of home and fractured something within myself. Time, I’ve learned, seems to work differently here, where daily life takes on a dizzying pace. At Stanford, it’s so easy to forget the world…

Loneliness and the liberal arts

The first few weeks starting at Stanford are lonely ones, though we don’t tend to admit it. Instead, the loneliness shows in smaller ways – long walks to downtown Palo Alto for boba with headphones on, a Marguerite ride where we lose count of the stops, Friday nights when it’s difficult to sleep with the music from the latest frat party booming through the windows. It’s got me wondering why, on a campus we half-jokingly refer to as paradise, the feeling of loneliness sinks in so deep in so many days.

A State of Confusion

Where and how does one find their anchor? When you veer from the handed-down K through college path, either by graduating or falling into an existential crisis like me, how do you go about getting back your sense of direction?