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Belonging as an Asian American

“You’re a banana.” “Wait, what?” “Yeah, you’re yellow on the outside, white on the inside … It’s a compliment,” my friend clarifies during our side conversation in class. “If it’s a compliment, then why did it leave me with such a heart-sinking aftertaste?” I wondered as I pushed laughter through the lump in my throat…

Smiling, nodding, engaging

Sometimes it would be great if we could all just shut up and listen in class. Hopefully I have your attention now, so I’m going to add some addenda to that click-baity opening line. Now, I don’t mean that we should worsen the already excruciating silence that sometimes follows an amazing lecture or guest speaker…

Song lyrics as inspiration

Amidst the stress of midterms and life in general, I often look to music for solace. Music is a magical thing; too often I put music in the “background” of my life. It’s on in the background when I’m driving somewhere, when I’m doing my homework or when I’m taking a walk. However, when I…

Marks My Words: Hear We Go Again

It was past midnight as I sat with a friend at the 24-hour Fed-Ex/Kinko’s, sharing a King Size Kit-Kat bar. We reminisced, as seniors are wont to do, about how we met. “Let’s see. I used to talk to [insert name of mutual friend] all the time because he was a really good listener. So I kept dropping by his room, we became friends, then I guess I met you through him.”