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The solution to Green Library

For the past two weeks I’ve gone HAM on Green Library. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, I’m sure plenty did not, but it’s time to do something different. Unlike the infinite number of graduate students regurgitating mashed peas and the post-structural musings of Foucault and Derrida like a group of abandoned babbling infants, I’m going to attempt something different. I’m going to offer a solution. I know, I know, who do I think I am? How could anyone possibly try to fix or change anything in this godforsaken hell hole of the post-modern dystopia? I’ll try my hand.

An ode to OverDrive

While I rarely wax poetic on non-reads, I’ll make an exception for OverDrive, an American-based distributor of digital content like ebooks and music. I credit OverDrive and its partnership with over 27,000 public libraries and schools (the Los Angeles Public Library, in my case) for increasing my access to ebooks at the low cost of…