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Study spots on campus

As finals begin and students across campus begin to cram for chemistry, fix those last bugs on their CS assignments or crowd the Hume Center for help on their final English papers, many students are searching for the best place to get their work done. Many students agree that the perfect study spot must combine…

Top 5 spaces on campus

Summer is over and campus is buzzing with frosh.

Bathed in California sun, quintessential Stanford spots like Main Quad, White Plaza and Palm Drive look more beautiful than ever. But when NSO is over and the freshman dorms lose their luster (it won’t take long), you’ll likely find yourself wandering aimlessly into the depths of campus.

Don’t worry—The Stanford Daily is here to provide a roadmap of the greatest hidden buildings and spaces on campus.

Op-Ed: Legitimizing Torture

This Friday, UC-Berkeley Professor John Yoo will visit the Law School to speak at an event in room 290 from 12:45 to 2:00 p.m. Yoo’s presence on campus is an affront to the dignity of our community. It also undermines the University’s mission to train tomorrow’s leaders to follow the highest ethical standards. I ask all interested members of the Stanford community to join me in protesting this event.