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The chaotic good of ‘The Good Place’

“The Good Place” is, in two words, chaotic good. The past three seasons have been filled to the brim with dry humor, philosophy, questions of religion and the afterlife, phenomenal twists, and a cast of characters who you can’t help but love (even if they are complete ash-holes sometimes). This current season is the fourth and last season in the critically acclaimed fantasy comedy, and I, for one, will be sad to see it end.

‘The Good Place’ brings representation and genius-level comedy to the small screen

Living in a nondenominational, intersectional heavenly afterlife realm filled with flying and fro-yo all the time, expletives banned and a non-human celestial being named Janet who grants all your wishes — what could go wrong? In fact, everything. “The Good Place” is the incredibly clever single-cam sitcom we all need. Eleanor Shellstrop is the antiheroine…