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Golub: Trump’s antics bring power to athletes

A hallmark of the Trump presidency is its fear-based approach to governing.  Dangerous Muslim terrorists; corrupt, colluding fake news media; caravans of violent migrants coming to eat our children and curse our livestock, or something — evidently, Trump has no qualms with fomenting fear to advance his agenda.  (To debate another time: does he have an agenda?) As harmful as this Trump presidency may be, his strategy leans upon tried and true methods of political manipulation. One such example: McCarthyism.

Blue 42 … Take a knee

The 2013 NFC National Championship. First and 10 at the Seattle 18. The 12th Man roaring. Kaepernick to the end zone. Intercepted. Game over. Fast forward four years, and Kaepernick’s actions are again making waves in the league — though this time not on the field. In an attempt to bring racism and oppression to light,…