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Living in the moment

The mantra “live in the moment” serves as a reminder that the past is unchangeable and the future uncontrollable. It’s the exhortation to savor time in its most immediate form because passing minutes can never be regained, and future hours are impossible to predict. Relishing each second is an appealing ideal but, for the majority…

Mind Games: Journey

Playing Journey is a bit like sliding through an exotic dream. It’s exhilarating one moment, sad the next, and, inherently, the experience is solely yours, the dreamer’s. The intensity of such things, for better or worse, will always fade when you leave the bed or put down the controller. The sights and sounds evaporate in daylight, and the experience boils away to lingering, naked emotion. When someone asks if you had any dreams last night, you’re at a loss for words. But you have no lack of feelings, difficult though they are to convey.