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Innovative media organizations recognized

The Brown Institute for Media Innovation has awarded its 2017-18 “Magic Grants” to 11 teams of innovators. A collaboration between the Columbia Journalism School and Stanford University’s School of Engineering, the Brown Institute was founded in 2012 and this year is looking to fund teams whose technological developments could transform the media landscape.

Ethics of eavesdropping

Here are the things I’ve seen in the Stanford Starbucks: a wizened man in a yarmulke and embroidered robes reading a wrinkled paperback; a blond woman who wore black sunglasses inside and stared at the floor for hours; a gaggle of tourists clutching unicorn Frappuccinos while frustrated professors who just wanted their simple coffees waited behind…

Stop reading the news

I’ve recently come to believe that news media of any kind is for the most part a useless, toxic influence on all of us that we’d be better off without. Notice that I didn’t say “fake news”, “corporate media” or “partisan media”. Just news. Period. The whole thing is an enormous waste of time that obliterates our limbic systems, stresses us out and systematically misinforms us.