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Not planning ahead

“What are your plans when you graduate?” I have some version of this question asked on a frequent basis, especially lately. I am four quarters from graduating, so I don’t dismiss the inquiry as unfounded. The question is valid; I just do not have a valid answer yet. Sure, I have had passing thoughts, some…

An honest cover letter

Dear Selection Committee, I am writing to apply for the internship position listed on your website for the summer of 2018. I was particularly excited to learn of this opening as it aligns perfectly with a niche area of academic study about which I have just now, serendipitously, decided I am passionate. I have excitedly…

Roxy Sass: Working Girl

Roxy’s never really been one for graduating (who would want to leave this college paradise of palm trees, hot TAs and dance floor makeouts?), but she knows some of you will be moving on come end of spring quarter – and she wants to make sure, in the search for that perfect job, you maximize your action as well as your assets.

Jobberish: Win-Win-Win

Everyone reading this column has had a dispute with another person. Some of them are serious — maybe your ex won’t pay child support — while some are slightly less so, such as a confrontation with a roommate who whistles constantly or a housemate who hoards the Doritos (you know who you are). Unfortunately for us, conflicts are everywhere. Although some people — myself excluded — can apparently resolve these conflicts in mature, calm ways, even the most level-headed people sometimes need outside intervention to deal with the big stuff. In this lawsuit-happy culture, our first instinct when things don’t go our way is often to take legal action. But lawsuits are expensive and require the kind of time and money most Americans simply don’t have in this economy.

And that is where this week’s topic, the professional mediator, steps in.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Now accepting applications: Class of 2012

Exactly one week ago, the class of 2012 traded jeans for pencil skirts or slacks and flip-flops for high heels or loafers in preparation for the first milestone of the Cardinal Recruiting Calendar: the Fall Career Fair. Hundreds of potential employers swarmed White Plaza, each booth carefully packaged in plastic wrap to ward off unexpected showers. It’s a cruel twist of fate, really: one minute, you’re a happy-go-lucky undergraduate who’s guaranteed an outlet for anything you want to do on campus (Stanford clubs plead with you to join at the Activities Fair). The next thing, the tables have turned: suddenly, all the people behind the booths hold your future in their hands. Tell us why we need you, they ask.