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Stanford in the media

There’s a bit of haloed glow around Stanford’s name. Mention that you attend Stanford, and you’ll almost always receive an impressed smile and a “wow, what a great school!” or, “didn’t Stanford have the lowest acceptance rate in the country?” Like many elite schools, a culture of such selectivity gives Stanford a certain media presence…

Revisiting Deresiewicz, Part II: Toward a productive conversation

This is especially relevant for seniors, many of whom are going through tech, consulting and TFA recruitment this fall. Everyone should have reasons for many any choice, but as we chart our course after Stanford, it is vitally important that we consider what is meaningful to us, as individuals, and pursue the opportunities that will best fulfill that, regardless of any financial returns, prestige or “success” they may – or may not – offer.

Revisiting Deresiewicz, Part I: Addressing criticisms of ‘Excellent Sheep’ author

In July, The New Republic published an essay titled “Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League” by former Yale professor and now writer William Deresiewicz. That piece was controversial, needless to say, garnering almost 200,000 shares on Facebook and prompting many students of elite universities to respond. To address some of these criticisms, I sat down with Mr. Deresiewicz last week.