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‘Ivory Tower’ review: documentary challenges the effectiveness of higher level education without a course of action

Directed and produced by Emmy-nominated filmmakers Andrew Rossi and Kate Novack, “Ivory Tower” takes a hard look at the college debt bubble and the future of higher education in America. Traversing the lecture halls of Harvard and Stanford and the offices of education startups Udacity and Coursera, “Ivory Tower” aims to bring to light the…

Seeing Green: Out of the ivory silo

What does an oceanographer do, anyway? Pet sharks all day?”

I’ll always remember the haughty tone of those words, delivered in my first week of graduate school at MIT, by one of my classmates in the biology Ph.D. program. Alone, they might be funny, or at least ironic: My best friend actually does pet sharks, if by “pet” you mean “harpoon with high-tech tags to track the world’s biggest fish as they cruise through the world’s oceans.” But after more comments about how I wasn’t a “real biologist” and that ecology wasn’t a valid science, I quickly realized I was fighting an uphill battle for respect.