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Stanford College Republicans navigate Trump, friction with mainstream liberalism and their own future

Although Stanford’s undergraduate population tends towards the Democratic party, the University is not without its conservative tendencies. The Stanford Review was co-founded over 30 years ago by venture capitalist and conservative philanthropist Peter Thiel; resident think tank the Hoover Institution once included Secretary of Defense James Mattis and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster among its fellows. The Stanford College Republicans (SCR), meanwhile, has traditionally kept a low profile, but the last several months have seen the group put more effort into engaging the student body.

Islamophobia is absurd

“Comrades, do get it into your heads, this ‘lesser evil’ which year after year has been used to keep you completely out of the fight will very soon mean having to stomach the Nazis.” Keep in mind what Bertolt Brecht wrote when considering the current political climate. How is Islamophobia not an absurdity to every…

Majority of audience stages walk out of Spencer’s talk

Reports of physical altercations from both supporters and opponents of a talk by self-proclaimed Islamophobe Robert Spencer surfaced following the Tuesday event. The auditorium of nearly 250 had every seat filled — with a line out the door — until approximately 150 students walked out of the event 20 minutes in, joining a larger group of protesters rallying outside the nearby Mitchell Earth Sciences library.

Letter from faculty and others regarding Robert Spencer

To President Tessier-Lavigne and Provost Drell: Stanford University identifies “certain types of free speech [that] are not permitted under University policy — for example, threats of harm that constitute a hate crime, instances of unlawful harassment or speech that disrupts classes or other university functions.” As four brave Stanford graduate students have pointed out in…