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The SAT facelift

I believe in IQ. I think that if anything, it’s one statistic among many that describes a student well, especially in relation to his or her peers. And I think that by shifting the SAT’s emphasis towards analytical aptitude, we’re closer to making the SAT a more accurate measure of IQ, rather than a reflection of SES or high school savviness—or, in my case, a portrait of a girl who could have spent more time with friends, and less time comparing SAT scores with her anonymous rivals on College Confidential.


OkCupid is a dating site. People use the internet to find things. People crave human companionship. OkCupid is one way to use the internet to seek human companionship. It involves photographs and lots and lots of survey questions. The best part about this? They have an infoporn blog. There are a lot of goodies here.…