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Doorstop wonder

What requires the most energy for you? P-sets, working out, going to lecture? The answer is different for everyone, but mine has always been people. Talking with others, being around them, navigating small talk and juggling invitations is as draining for me as it is for my computer to have 10 Chrome tabs simultaneously running.…

I Have Two Heads: Introverts, Unite!

This past fall, I stumbled across a 2003 article from The Atlantic with one of the best definitions of introversion that I’ve ever read: introverts are people who find other people tiring. The way we recharge our batteries is by withdrawing into ourselves. I read this description and just about whooped in recognition. While I enjoy the company of my friends, and while I can be garrulous with my family, I desperately need my daily dose of alone time. I sometimes worry about the degree to which I like being by myself.