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Stating the obvious

Editor’s note: The following article contains graphic descriptions of violence and offensive language towards queer folx and people of color that may be troubling to some readers. Matthew Shepard remained tied to a fence for 18 hours after his attack; his attackers had beaten him so badly that, when he was discovered, blood covered his…

The intersectional slut(walk)

About a month ago, I was asked by email to participate in a student panel for Stanford SlutWalk 2016. “SlutWalk,” I thought. “Oh no.” SlutWalk originated as a street march and rally at Toronto, 2011, when a policeman argued that to avoid sexual assault, women should “not dress like sluts.” The 3000-participant protest inspired similar events…

Self-care is resistance

At Stanford, we have the privilege of resources many do not have access to outside of this bubble. It is important to acknowledge this fact for our own well-being while navigating hostile spaces. When we leave here, we must work to make self-care a part of our lives, and strive for self-care implementations in our home communities who may not have access to other options.