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Kavanaugh confirmed amidst Stanford affiliate’s assault allegations

The Senate confirmed Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday afternoon, signalling the conclusion of what many have called the most contentious confirmation battle in recent memory — a battle that intensified last month after Stanford affiliate Dr. Christine Blasey accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulted her in the 1980s. Kavanaugh won the confirmation by a vote of 50-48, delivering a major victory to President Trump and securing a conservative majority in the Court.

Stanford for Bernie rallies Sanders supporters

It is early evening on Nov. 17. In Room 120 of Stanford’s Old Union, a handful of students sit around a table, calling voters across the states of Iowa and Nevada. Scattered around the room are hand-painted rally signs made by students and bearing various slogans — “GET $ OUT OF POLITICS,” “STOP CLIMATE CHANGE,” “DEMILITARIZE THE POLICE.” One student hunches over his computer, saying into his phone, “Good evening, I’m a volunteer for Bernie Sanders’s campaign…”

Socialist group offers space for alternative conversations on campus

Next Monday, Feb. 23, the Stanford members of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) will host an event called “What They Don’t Teach You in Econ: Marxist Economics 101.”  Malachi Dray ’18 will present a Marxist analysis of how capitalism works and speak about what’s wrong with it, according to socialist theory. “The econ classes here…