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The many faces of Instagram

Almost exactly a year ago, 18-year old social media star Essena O’Neill, with a little over half a million followers, told the public she would be leaving Instagram because it was promoting “contrived perfection made to get attention.” Two months later, Ed Sheeran joined her, stating that he wanted to stop seeing the world through…

In support of regret

I think we should all leave here with regrets. I think that regrets make us better—the gained knowledge buoying us above future obstacles rather than weighing us down. The people (nobody in particular, by the way) who told me that college would be the best four years of my life also, of course, said to live my college life with no regrets.

Is social media the new gallery?

Social media platforms such as deviantART, Etsy and Instagram provide an alternative to the traditional gallery space as an arbiter of culture. This new, more accessible mode of art-sharing allows hobbyists and underground artists to get exposure for their work. However, there are polarizing opinions about this new venue. Social media can be characterized as a substitute for the gallery; however, the physicality of the gallery space is key to experiencing visual art and to differentiating the amateur artist from the professional.