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Hope and government

Immigration reform is going to go totally unrealized unless the Republican majority gets unseated in the midterm elections, or the Democrats agree to support Boehner in any Speaker election – and they would rather wait for the next midterms and watch the Republicans embarrass themselves in the meantime. The reality is that the reason the law will not be passed has almost nothing to do with the law and everything to do with political divisions in Washington. Millions of men and women who came to this country pursuing freedom and happiness, but their chance at getting a real shot at being American has been pulled away by the hard reality of political dysfunction. It such a shame that this has become a normal political expectation for Americans.

The real cost of inaction on immigration

While economic concerns are at the forefront of debate over immigration and the statistics undoubtedly show that the U.S. benefits greatly from immigration, these facts should not be the only reasons driving immigration reform. The question being asked so often is “What can immigrants do for the country?” However, the real question we should be asking ourselves is “What is the right thing to do?” What America needs now is action. There are political, economic and personal costs to everyone for every day that immigration reform remains merely an idea rather than a reality. 297 days is enough already.

In Praise of Presidents’ Day

In 1862, the United States Congress began the tradition of reading George Washington’s farewell address aloud on the first President’s birthday. In the midst of the Civil War, the Senate and the House found Washington’s words warning against party politics, divisive rhetoric and irresponsible governance to be especially relevant. My, how far we’ve come. Washington’s…