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Pragada: Octopush

I select the sports I visit here at Oxford through a very rigorous process. And by that I mean I pull up the sports catalogue on the official Oxford website and scroll through the various clubs until I find the one that amuses me the most. I’m still hoping to get a visit with the walking team and the korfball team! Once I’ve made my selection, I send out an email to get an invitation to a team practice.

Beyda: Do hockey players share our Canada complex?

There are a few differences between Daily editor-in-chief-to-be Ed Ngai and I that you should know about. I’m a Sharks fan; he’s a Canucks fan. My team just swept his in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I can’t help but write about the NHL right now, but he’s so sick of hockey that he probably won’t even read this column, despite my effort to include (poke fun at?) him in this paragraph.

Give the NHL a try

What has two legs and skates faster than your average late-night Caltrain? Not an NFL player. What has 32 teeth and isn’t afraid to lose a few of them? Not an NBA pro. What runs at above 100 beats per minute for the most intense two-and-a-half hours in professional sports? Most definitely not an MLB…