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On wholesome stranger interactions

College can often be a stressful place. With challenging classes to juggle alongside social obligations and extracurricular activities, it can consume us. I have found that positive interactions with others often mitigates this stress. In addition to seeing friends and familiar faces, many times the most unexpected interactions can make us happier. Here are a…

Mosquitoes are evil

It seems everyone is focused on caterpillars at the moment. Yes, they do hang from trees and find their way into all sorts of places (found one inside a classroom the other day), but I would like to draw your attention to a far more evil sign that spring quarter is here. Mosquitoes. Would it…

Q&A: A RoHo and her ProFro

Former room host (RoHo) Sabrina Medler ’20 and her then-prospective freshman (ProFro) Emma Paddon ’21 “hit it off immediately,” according to Medler, after Paddon spent a couple of nights in Medler’s Arroyo House room during Admit Weekend last year.