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Rallying the nebulous, ever-changing “middle class”

The goals of the middle class are good goals for us all, and when we appeal to the middle class, we do not appeal to the people in that class so much as we appeal to the mores and the ideals that that the emergence of that class is supposed to embody. That is a thing to be cherished. Americans talk so much about the importance of the ideas that underpin our society; we should work to allow every American to channel these ideas, which are their natural inheritance.

Report Card: Obamacare

Yesterday was the last day to enroll in health care without also having to pay a tax penalty for 2014.

That mile marker comes exactly six months after Obamacare was launched. How has it performed? Here, I evaluate Obama’s primary legislative accomplishment’s success for students across communication, functionality and accessibility. Overall, American health care is much better off now than it was in 2013. The uninsured rate has continued to fall and sign-ups are surging. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement, especially in Obamacare’s online accessibility and messaging.