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Editorial: ASSU – What’s Next

More than a week after ASSU election results have been released, we are as relieved as any other students (except perhaps the candidates themselves) to be done with our annual exercise in representative government. Despite our reluctance to protract conversation on such a tired subject, the results of these elections are enormously compelling. In particular, this Board notes the continued dominance of SOCC endorsees, a sharp decline in graduate voter participation and the ambiguity of the ROTC vote. We also urge the next generation of ASSU leaders consider these trends when they enter office, and make good on their campaign promises to improve student engagement and advocacy.

Letter to the Editor

Instead of putting forth a reasonable argument to change ASSU funding policies (“Something that Actually Needs Saving,” April 4, 2011), Zack Hoberg and Dave Grundfest chose to mislead and denigrate fellow Stanford students. Zack and Dave blame “90 graduate students” and the “ridiculous policy that one population can dictate the other’s funding decision” for the rejection of joint Special Fees for FLiCKS. Let’s examine two facts, one conveniently omitted, the other completely glossed over.