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A snowball’s chance in California

Now, we have a unique opportunity as human beings: we can interpret these warning signs and make long-term plans for the future. We can begin today to prepare a gift for our own future, and for the future of our descendants. At the very least, we can leave the promise of hope and the courage to try.

Fight the foolish: Tackling the vaccination crisis

So in the grand scheme of things, small groups of faith-healing fundamentalists do not pose a threat to public health. Trying to coerce those groups to violate their religious beliefs, therefore, cannot be reasonably necessary to curb the re-emergence of vaccine-preventable disease. The opposite holds true, though, for anti-vaxxers who abuse philosophical vaccine exemptions.

Seeing Green: In Drying Times

Shivering, the first group of students arrived at Almaden Quicksilver County Park at 8 A.M. on Saturday morning. Spoiled by a winter that, so far, has seemed more like summer, a few hadn’t even packed sweaters. We walked slowly uphill, making observations of the plant life as we went. Throughout the day, without fail, the…