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Taking Tiger back

I was never much of a golf fan growing up, but whenever the Masters rolled around, I always knew to keep an eye out for Tiger Woods. Even though Tiger had turned pro after only two years at Stanford, that was enough of a connection to the best golfer in the world to ensure my undying bandwagon fandom.

Hilarity ahead of holes-in-one

Last Thursday through Sunday were perhaps the four quietest days of Jim Harbaugh’s life. As a competitor in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, he wasn’t allowed to scream, shout or otherwise contort his head for a good 96 hours, which most of us in the Bay Area see as uncharted territory. And if Jim Harbaugh keeps calm, who has the right to do otherwise?

This Column Is Ironic: Tiger, You’ve Earned Stanford’s Love

Will this spring break never end? I never thought I’d say it, but I might be ready to write papers again. I’m told I’ll be doing plenty of that in Oxford. I can only take so many days of lounging around and catching up on 30 Rock on Netflix before the days start to blur together. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the ability to jet off to Europe this weekend to stave off boredom. However, I had something even better than excessive travel to keep me busy: the Masters.