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New GERs allow for greater course flexibility

About 390 courses have already been registered to qualify for credit under the new Ways of Thinking/Ways of Doing general education requirements (GERs), which will take effect starting with the Class of 2017. The Ways requirements will replace both the Disciplinary Breadth and Education for Citizenship GERs, in accordance with the suggestions of the Study…

Op-Ed: Ethics in the major

The national Occupy Wall Street movement is a reactive movement. Stemming from the financial crisis, Occupy has started conversations about economic inequality only after the economic downturn. There is little conversation about what changes need to be made in our society’s culture in order for us to prevent a future crisis — that is why I propose the addition of an Ethics in the Major requirement.

Reality Check: New GER Required

Usually, it is great to work on Sundays; I get to open the library, shelve a few books, and spend the rest of my time doing my own work. Increasingly though, I’ve been getting strange patrons. People who don’t know how the Dewey Decimal System works, don’t know the call number or location of their needed material, don’t have their student ID, don’t have change for the photocopier…and are angry at me about it.