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Shi: Patience makes perfect

It will takes time to build something that will last. The U.S. soccer team’s win over a German B team last Sunday wasn’t enough to make up for it’s loss to Belgium four days earlier, and the national team continues to tread water. While fans demand short-term success, it is a long-term vision that is really needed.

If he is introducing innovations to the American game that will resonate throughout the entire youth system, we probably won’t be able to tell the difference for at least a decade, probably more.

Taylor: Role reversal for Spain and Germany soccer

Is Spain the new Germany? Is Germany the new Spain? When Germany played the Netherlands back at the start of Euro 2012, a Germany-supporting friend asked why I refused to cheer for his team, especially since I don’t have any Dutch friends. The answer isn’t any lasting prejudice against Germans over the two major wars fought against them last century. We Europeans have spent millennia fighting each other, so it’s hard to hold something as insignificant as a couple of wars against them.

Review: ‘Pina 3D’

Pina Bausch was a German modern dance choreographer, famous for bringing elements of the real world onto her stage, incorporating water, dirt, rocks, city streets and cafés into her choreography. In “Pina 3D”, director Wim Wenders brings Bausch’s choreography seamlessly offstage into the real world–shooting parts of the dances on city streets, in the forest, on a tram, in an industrial park and on the beach–while still giving us glimpses of the performances on stage.