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The intersectional slut(walk)

About a month ago, I was asked by email to participate in a student panel for Stanford SlutWalk 2016. “SlutWalk,” I thought. “Oh no.” SlutWalk originated as a street march and rally at Toronto, 2011, when a policeman argued that to avoid sexual assault, women should “not dress like sluts.” The 3000-participant protest inspired similar events…

It’s okay

We often grapple with conflicts regarding the color of our skin, the significance of a second X- versus Y- chromosome, the way we’ve been taught to worship, and the number of zeros in our parents’ bank accounts. But we often lose sight of how such diverse conflicts intersect to describe our being, and consequently, our place in an oft-unjust society. Striving to realize where we belong can be unsettling, but Williams says it’s okay.