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City of Palo Alto votes in favor of gender equality ordinance

Last Thursday, the City of Palo Alto Human Relations Commission (HRC) unanimously voted in favor of the Convention of the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) ordinance, which aims to mitigate gender inequality in Palo Alto by conducting a gender analysis and potentially creating a gender equality task force. With the HRC’s recommendation, the ordinance will now be passed onto the Palo Alto City Council for consideration.

‘The Fallacy of Fairness’: Dissecting biases in academic science with Dr. Jo Handelsman

Scientists understand a great deal about the importance of diversity. Diverse ecosystems are more robust and resilient; genetic diversity is essential for evolution and adaptation; diverse data points make a more reliable study. Diverse viewpoints also make for higher quality work. “It’s our strength,” Dr. Jo Handelsman said to a room full of students and…