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Middle Eastern sustainability nonprofit founders receive 2018 Stanford Bright Award

On Thursday night, Gidon Bromberg and Munqeth Mehyar received the 2018 Bright Award for co-founding EcoPeace Middle East, a nonprofit organization using environmental sustainability as a means to promote regional peace. The Bright Award, conferred annually by the Stanford Law School (SLS), recognizes outstanding work in promoting global sustainability. Each winner is granted $100,000 and the opportunity to deliver a public lecture at the University.

Stanford falls for BDS

With this one-sided condemnation, the Senate has legitimized Hamas and its attacks on civilians while cynically rejecting any real self-defense by Israel, all in your name. The ASSU election is coming. If some of these Senators don’t represent you, vote for a better slate.

Zionism, civil rights and Stanford activism: The case for productive education

We are concerned, however, that the conversation erased moderate voices that acknowledge both Israeli and Palestinian histories and rights to self-determination, and did an intellectual disservice to those in the audience by framing a multifaceted issue as a binary of right and wrong. The debate failed to meet the standard of critical dialogue and meaningful education befitting an institution like Stanford.

The dream of peace vs. the nightmare of divestment

When I was 15, I helped one of the Israeli families move out of their home in Gaza. I assured them that this good gesture would bring us closer to peace. But, instead, what followed since then were thousands of rockets being fired at Israeli civilians from the Gaza strip. I realize I was wrong. Shouting for unilateral actions without striving towards dialogue will not lead to a peaceful coexistence. I wish that the Palestinian people will gain independence soon, but to achieve this goal we should put our efforts into promoting a dialogue, not divestment.

Beyond Ceasefire: A long-shot endgame in Gaza

History repeats itself. This trite refrain rings true for followers of the Gaza-Israel conflict, which has seen three full-scale Israeli operations against Hamas since 2007. The first two operations followed a basic structure defined by Hamas rocket fire, Israeli airstrikes, a ground invasion and an internationally brokered ceasefire. Each took a serious human toll on…