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It is a strange feeling as a senior trying to give advice to incoming frosh. The expectation is simple: that I am to share certain aspects of my experience and my story in the hopes that someone else, looking forward as I am looking behind, could learn from that experience. And I suppose that this…

Give frosh more all-campus options

On weekends here on East Campus, you will see a horde of frosh leave their dorms and begin the cold, hard journey to whatever fraternity is hosting an all-campus. I am often among them, wearing far too little in terms of clothing, muttering to myself, “It’s cold out, but I’m still dressing like a thotty ’cause a hoe never gets cold,” à la Cardi B.

Types of laundry doers

Growing up, media painted a picture in my mind of the stereotypical college student. Messy rooms, long nights writing papers and loads of dirty laundry seemed inevitable. Now, with one quarter of college under my belt, I realize that some of these generalizations actually hold some truth. I can say that I have pulled all-nighters…