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Friends by choice or by chance

College. It’s the home of Late Night mozzarella sticks, annoyingly expensive textbooks and that first sip of sweet, sweet freedom. It’s an educational establishment where we students often fluctuate between stressed, unmotivated and flat-out confused about our future. Most importantly, though, it is the place where everyone is supposed to find their lifelong friends. In…

The face of another

I can’t remember faces. Whether it’s someone I quickly met waiting in line at Coupa or a friend from my freshman dorm, I have trouble placing faces, especially from a distance or if they are laughing. It seems that I’m always looking at people who I feel I should know, or who I do actually…

Top 5 Things to Not Say to Strangers

College is one of the few times in your life when work and social environments completely overlap and you’re expected to automatically bond with everyone you come into contact with. With the friendliest season upon us, coinciding with final round interviews, it can be difficult to navigate the decorum appropriate for Exotic Erotic versus Wilbur Field tanning versus that first Google pod nap. Read on for the cardinal rules on which subjects shouldn’t be discussed until further familiarity.