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Types of LinkedIn users

As posts flooded the Class of 2021 Facebook group in the days after early action decisions were released in 2016, admitted students scrambled to share Twitter handles, Instagram usernames, Snapchat codes and other social media identifiers with soon-to-be-classmates. I scrolled past posts soliciting Xbox gamertags and online chess forum usernames without a second thought, but…

Friends by choice or by chance

College. It’s the home of Late Night mozzarella sticks, annoyingly expensive textbooks and that first sip of sweet, sweet freedom. It’s an educational establishment where we students often fluctuate between stressed, unmotivated and flat-out confused about our future. Most importantly, though, it is the place where everyone is supposed to find their lifelong friends. In…

New fall class emphasizes creativity in the sciences

In the new autumn quarter course BIO 61: “Science as a Creative Process,” students learn about the process of creative problem solving in the sciences. Directed toward freshmen interested in STEM, the course provides room for students to explore technology through experiments in addition to teaching students about the history of creative thinking in science.