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The slow demystification of Stanford

As frosh, so many of us see Stanford as the paradise we want it to be. We go into our classes ready to learn, make new friends in our residences and student groups and revel in the social and academic opportunities that seem delivered into our waiting hands. We don’t need to think about the vast Stanford bureaucratic machine because all the cogs are turning quietly in our favor (Stanford really does value their frosh), and if they aren’t, our gratitude for being on this campus threatens to overwhelm any feeling of unease or discomfort here. Stanford starts out as a black box: through some magic we cannot see, the time and energy we put into campus life comes back out as thrill, excitement, satisfaction, and achievement.

The end of the beginning

Time and tide wait for no man. Definitely for no freshman. It is only now, penning down my last column of the year, that I realize how intrinsic this phrase is to a college student’s life. An email from my high school counselor asking whether I’d be able to conduct a “high-school-to-college transition” workshop that…

Never ending

The end of one thing always marks the beginning of another, and my first year at Stanford is no different. As freshman year swings to a close, I can’t help sniffle as I read through old journal entries, pull down wall collages and slowly take apart the identity I have crafted during this first year…