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Op-Ed: Which is it — fraud or privilege?

This March, federal investigators exposed the largest college admissions scandal in history. Dozens of parents and students were revealed to have bribed and faked their way into supposedly meritocratic, elite universities. As one of the accused schools, Stanford responded by hastily expelling Yusi Zhao, a student involved in the scandal, justifying the expulsion as something that “has long been our practice … [if] the student submitted false information.”

Op-Ed: The Cost of Free Money

Life was good. I passed my employment drug screen, I met up with my friend Dina, and I sat under the sunshine at Tresidder sipping a delicious iced latte. To top it off, I had just received a $3,500 check in the mail. There was a small problem — I had no idea who the check was from, since it was mailed from a Cathy, issued by a Kelly, and signed by an Olivia — but hey, it had my name in the “Pay to the order of” line, so it legitimately belonged to me.