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FFS responds to administration’s letter, faculty hold ‘teach-ins’

Fossil Free Stanford (FFS) sit in participants responded Wednesday night to the University’s warning letter to protesters by affirming their resolve to remain outside President Hennessy’s office. Throughout the day, many faculty supported the sit-in participants by holding “teach-ins” and relocating regular classes to the area outside Building 10, where protesters are camped out.

Faculty members respond to Board’s COP21 letter, push full divestment

Six faculty members released a letter on Wednesday urging more immediate and comprehensive divestment from fossil fuels by the University, citing the petition signed by 376 faculty members last March. This most recent letter was written in response to an earlier letter written by the Board of Trustees and President John Hennessy in anticipation of the Paris climate negotiations to take place in December.

A snowball’s chance in California

Now, we have a unique opportunity as human beings: we can interpret these warning signs and make long-term plans for the future. We can begin today to prepare a gift for our own future, and for the future of our descendants. At the very least, we can leave the promise of hope and the courage to try.

Fight the natural gas expansion

Divestment from coal was a great step in the right direction, but it remains to be seen if that was a real commitment to future generations. Divestment from coal is arguably just a sound financial move and may have just been cover for a larger commitment to the new face of fossil fuels. Instead, we should apply the same effort to build our carbon-free future.

Fossil Free Stanford: Open letter to the Stanford University Board of Trustees

The scale and severity of the climate crisis demands that production of all fossil fuels be curtailed. Therefore, Fossil Free Stanford has called for full divestment from oil and gas companies as well. Our work with the administration has thus far been productive, but we are rapidly running out of time in the inexorable march towards irreversible climate change and falling behind in the courageous opposition movement which Stanford helped to catalyze.