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After Stanford affiliate offers gripping testimony of assault, Supreme Court nominee remains unswerving in denial

In diametrically opposed but equally emotional testimony, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Bay Area-based and Stanford-affiliated research psychologist Christine Blasey Ford, faced off in a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. The explosive hearing, in which senators questioned Ford and Kavanaugh for almost nine hours in total, will play an important role in the votes of key senators in the Senate-wide confirmation vote scheduled for Friday.

Massachusetts man arrested in connection with Dauber threat, U.S. Attorney’s Office reports

On Thursday, 24-year-old Daniel Frisiello of Beverly, Massachusetts was arrested and charged with five counts of mailing threatening communications, including a rape threat and white powder contained in a letter delivered to activist law professor Michele Dauber on Feb. 14. The other counts included threatening letters sent to public figures such as Donald Trump, Jr. and the LA prosecutor in now-deceased Glee star Mark Salling’s child pornography case.

The Apple of my FBI

The “Apple vs. FBI” debate has motivated iPhone users to look up from their iPhones to talk about their iPhones. Apple, specifically CEO Tim Cook, has raised privacy concerns regarding the FBI’s recent request for the development of new software to assist in the San Bernardino investigation. Cook, calling this new software a potential “cancer,”…