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Life after rollouts

I heard you didn’t get into that thing you wanted to get into. There, there — have a scented, multicolored luxury tissue. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. No need to hold back the tears, or bottle up those feelings of inadequacy that will more than likely haunt you for the rest of your life…

Failing to succeed

For all the failures we face, we are notoriously unwilling to discuss them. And when we do discuss failure, we frame it as though failing is something that must be accepted, but is itself not desirable.

Obsessive Kompulsion: Escape

Wednesday night I biked all the way to In-N-Out at one in the morning. It started out as a trip to get Mexican food at a taqueria on S. California Avenue, and then to Happy Donuts on El Camino, once I realized the taqueria was only serving alcohol that late. Well, really it started out as an attempt to escape for a little bit. As I wrote about last week, I was feeling at a rock bottom of sorts; this week I felt more like I was flint scraping along that bottom layer, just barely rising in elevation. I have evolved, or devolved, into an identity crisis of sorts. This is the best I can do to explain it:

New Class to Replace IHUM

There’s been a lot of talk lately about whether or not IHUM should be replaced, and if so, how.
I’ve also been made aware of several conversations about how Stanford students don’t know how to deal with failure. I’m surprised no one asked my opinion about either of these issues, because I’ve got the perfect idea to deal with both at once