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Banding together

Stanford isn’t exactly known for its music scene, but the campus hosts a myriad of talented musicians, all vying for a chance to play their music for people who appreciate it. The music scene isn’t always visible when you first look at our campus, but with some digging, trips to house parties and Facebook stalking, it starts to reveal itself.

Roxy Sass Raises the Flag (Pole)

Although Roxy is hardly a traditional girl, there’s one Stanford tradition with a special place in her heart – or, more accurately, her libido. Exotic Erotic, the legendary event hosted by 680 Lomita, encourages girls to wear two articles of clothing and guys to wear just one. Featuring a patriotic theme this year, Exotic’s got Roxy excited to raise some flagpoles. And in the spirit of pursuing happiness, Roxy’s got some tips to keep your night erotic without the “ick.”

Frisky on the Farm: Exotic Erotic and Beyond

In case you hadn’t heard, Newsweek came out with their College Rankings for 2011, and Stanford’s ranked fifth. For horniest, that is. Now, we made the cut many times over in those silly areas like Most Return on Your Investment or whatever, but let’s face it: You can get a good education anywhere. That’s why God (and Horace Mann) invented public school. When you choose a college, it’s like picking out a car. It has to go from point A to point B; that’s the given. What you’re really looking for is something fun and sporty, something that will take you there fast and preferably comes in Cardinal red.

Life Exotic

That’s the nature of Exotic Erotic: a slightly sexy, moderately disturbing and downright grimy excuse for public nudity. The theme this year was “Exotic Aquatic,” adding to past themes such as “Adam and Eve,” “Rave” and “Cirque d’Exotique.” Hosted by 680 Lomita (a.k.a. “680”), this infamous Stanford tradition once graced Playboy’s top-10 campus parties list.