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Op-Ed: Israeli Court upholds deportation of clinic alumnus & Human Rights Watch director

On April 16 the District Court of Jerusalem upheld the deportation of Human Rights Watch Director for Israel and Palestine and Mills Legal Clinic alum Omar Shakir (SLS ‘13). Human Rights Watch had challenged a 2017 amendment to Israel’s Law of Entry that permitted the Israeli government’s decision to revoke Mr. Shakir’s work visa in May 2018. The law allows Israel to ban foreigners based on support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.

Stanford experts publish on Europeans’ views on refugee crisis

A group of researchers at the Stanford Immigration Lab recently published results from a survey of over 18,000 citizens of 15 European countries asking participants about their beliefs on what the best system for allocating asylum seekers is. The surveys found that a majority of Europeans claim to be in favor of a proportional allocation system, which is based on “each country’s capacity over the status quo policy of allocation based on the country of first entry.”

A boy and his cat

  A picture. A boy hugging his cat, a broken smile on his face. The longer I look, the more it seems as though he’s about to break down and cry. He is one of many — 100,000 strong — who escaped from Aleppo. He is miles away from home, surrounded by barbed wires, torn…