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Warranting Native Americanness

Last week, in a rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s derision over her self-proclaimed Native American ancestry, senator and Democratic Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren published the results of a DNA test strongly suggesting Warren had a Native American ancestor between six and 10 generations ago, the equivalent of having 1/64 to 1/1024 ancestry. The test was…

Female night custodians demand safer work conditions, greater University accountability

The meeting, co-hosted by the Stanford Solidarity Network (SSN), took place in the Women’s Community Center. Rebecca Armendariz, political representative for SEIU-SSW, acted as a translator between the Spanish-speaking custodians and the audience. Armendariz clarified that the custodians are not managed directly by the University. Rather, Stanford has subcontracted the work to a company called UG2, which provides janitorial services on campus. Because these women are prohibited by their UG2 supervisors from interacting with Stanford students, they requested anonymity in this article.

Board of Judicial Affairs rejects proposal to add “veteran status” to Fundamental Standard

On Feb. 18, Stanford’s Board of Judicial Affairs declined to add military affiliation to the list of identities — including race, gender, socioeconomic status and more — explicitly protected under the Fundamental Standard. The University decision followed a request for the change nearly six months prior by Adam Behrendt ’19, president of the Stanford Undergraduate Veteran Association.

Outsiders on the inside: Joining an ethnic community you don’t belong to

ASAS. PASU. MEChA. BSU. Q&A. Like most things at Stanford, ethnic and cultural organizations constitute an array of acronyms. This speaks to the sheer number of groups on campus built around ethnicity and its intersections with sex, race and politics. Nonetheless, most members of these organizations identify with not just the organization’s literal title but…