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Making sense of ethical dilemmas

Human beings are notorious for constructing divisions; we divide ourselves into nations, parties, families … even the most basic elements of computers are a division between ones and zeros. Dividing, grouping, compartmentalizing — whatever you’d like to call it — it’s a uniquely human method of simplifying the world.  So how does this play into…

The myth of Stanford student culture

Irreverent. Wacky. Intellectual. Miserable, disaffected, peaked-in-high-school types itching to drop out and start the next Google/Instagram/Theranos-without-the-illegal-activity. Before coming to Stanford, my head was filled with all of the things I thought that its students would be like. It informed the classes I chose and the conversations I had, and most of all, it made me…

Whatever the cost

For most of my life, I’ve felt empowered by rap music. Growing up just outside of Detroit, I was motivated by Michigan rappers like Eminem, Big Sean, and NF, all hard-hitting lyricists. I idolized these people, aspiring to their work ethic. But after one last stretch, I’ve come to seriously doubt what they’re saying.

The Dualist: Do we have to fix the world?

To my friends who feel guilty for not focusing more on our generation’s big issues: Don’t worry. Yes, Peter Singer and some others would argue that we are living immorally if we don’t devote all our energy toward solving the big problems of our generation. These “big problems” affect many people and cause significant harm…