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Ziperski: NFL’s Oprah moment

During this NFL offseason, we’ve witnessed some massive new contracts for quarterbacks, first with Kirk Cousins’ deal in Minnesota and then Matt Ryan’s record-breaking, $94.5 million extension with the Atlanta Falcons. Following these deals, ESPN published an article predicting which players around the league might top Ryan’s contract over the next five years.

Rosas: The magical team of this MLB playoffs doesn’t come from Chicago

Entering into tonight’s Game 5, the Dodgers and the Cubs are deadlocked in a contest between two great teams having two great years. Only one will survive this series to face another day of baseball before the wintery offseason, and regardless of who that may be, Los Angeles baseball really proved itself as something more than a flashy name without championship substance, something that has plagued Southern California for all my life.

Miller: With exorbitant CFP payouts, money isn’t the limiting factor in paying college athletes

There will only be one winner on the field in tonight’s College Football Playoff (CFP) Championship Game between Clemson and Alabama, but every FBS program will count Monday night as a financial victory. That’s because each of the 10 conferences in the top level of Division I football receive payouts from the CFP — regardless…

Speaking out: Student-athletes weigh in on LGBT acceptance in athletics

LGBT inclusion is one issue, among others, that some students and faculty have still struggled with in the athletic community. At StAAT, we’ve worked hard to shed light on this issue that has received relatively little attention in the past at Stanford. With new feedback and a fresh perspective, we will work alongside the Athletic Administration and commit to making strides to improve the well-being and experiences of all student-athletes.