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University to rename Serra House, Serra Mall following two years of controversy

Stanford will rename the Serra freshman dorm and Serra House, two campus buildings honoring California mission system founder Father Junipero Serra, who has drawn sharp criticism for his mistreatment of Native Americans.  

Stanford will also seek to rename Serra Mall, pending the approval of Santa Clara County and the U.S. Postal Service. This would change the University’s official address, which is currently 450 Serra Mall. If approved, Serra Mall will become Jane Stanford Way in honor of the University’s co-founder.

‘The Fallacy of Fairness’: Dissecting biases in academic science with Dr. Jo Handelsman

Scientists understand a great deal about the importance of diversity. Diverse ecosystems are more robust and resilient; genetic diversity is essential for evolution and adaptation; diverse data points make a more reliable study. Diverse viewpoints also make for higher quality work. “It’s our strength,” Dr. Jo Handelsman said to a room full of students and…

We need to have more equitable responses to violence

In spite of the fact that this may sound very similar to last year, I’ve decided to write this column anyway, because this time, not only I have more nuanced arguments and more precise critiques that extend beyond what I discussed last time, but moreover, this is a topic that is absolutely important enough to reflect on twice, or three times, or however many times it takes before we decide to learn from our mistakes of history.

Separate and Unequal

Stereotypes, income inequalities, non-traditional families– all these conditions make it difficult for minority students to succeed in school. As a result, African-Americans score about 100 points lower on both the SAT math and verbal sections than whites, on average.