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Harassment, assault allegations against Moretti span three campuses

two new allegations of Moretti sexually harassing graduate students have surfaced: one from a woman who says she had to set a dog loose to get Moretti to stop propositioning her and leave her house late at night and another incident described by multiple sources who say Moretti lost a job opportunity at Johns Hopkins after a graduate student reported that he touched her inappropriately.

Poetry Out Loud competition offers spoken poetry

“It is English, I promise,” English Ph.D. student Jon Quick joked before beginning to recite at Stanford’s Poetry Out Loud competition Tuesday evening. Then, for the next four minutes, an audience of about 60 sat in rapt silence as Quick, a first-year Ph.D. candidate, recited the first 52 lines of the epic poem Beowulf in the original Old English, complete with gestures and dramatic intonation.

Although many listeners had probably read the famous poem at some point, most had probably never heard it performed out loud. But a return to poetry’s origins as an oral tradition was the focus at the Poetry Out Loud competition on Tuesday, held at Levinthal Hall, home of the Stanford Humanities Center.