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Forbes Cafe changes food pricing system

Last week, Forbes Family Cafe, located in the Huang Engineering Center, implemented changes to the pricing of its hot food and salad bar items. Rather than having a flat price of $7.25 for a hot food or salad plate, Forbes will be charging by weight, 57 cents per ounce for hot food and 52 cents per ounce for salad items.

Study spots on campus

As finals begin and students across campus begin to cram for chemistry, fix those last bugs on their CS assignments or crowd the Hume Center for help on their final English papers, many students are searching for the best place to get their work done. Many students agree that the perfect study spot must combine…

Top 5 places on campus for ProFros

Admit Weekend is here, and amid suitcases, wrinkled maps and ProFros asking where the restroom is when they’re, in fact, standing right in front of it, you may find yourself if anyone remembers that classes are still happening. The 5.7 percent is here, and as you take time to convince them to come to Stanford, take them to these classic campus spots to show them the best of the Farm.