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Don’t put astronauts on cereal boxes

NASA is losing the global space race.
How is that possible? NASA is today the preeminent organization in spaceflight, human or otherwise. With dozens of successful Mars probes, decades of continuous human presence in space, and plans for a manned return to the moon, NASA is far ahead of nearly all other spaceflight actors today. And yet, with all that, they are losing, because fewer and fewer people care.

The Birds, the Tweets, the Monks: Werner Herzog documentary “Lo and Behold” investigates the Internet

“Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World” is just the latest entry in the bizarre film genre called “Herzog.” The genre’s namesake is Werner Herzog, the kooky German director who’s become meme-ified in the Age of the Internet, for his oddball profundity (analyzing Yeezy’s “Famous” video and Pokemon Go) and scary-flat voice. His new film takes…

Four more Stanford commencement speakers

Stanford has only invited a handful of writers and even fewer artists to deliver the Commencement address. A quick scan of past speakers shows that we prefer political leaders, tech entrepreneurs, and the occasional television journalist. Yet, over the past four years, Stanford has changed a tremendous amount.

The New Space Race

Space entrepreneurship is hard. Good ideas can be hard to come by and discovering one often requires a deep knowledge of the field. But thanks to emerging companies, unique business models and developing technology, these obstacles are eroding. And the Stanford Student Space Initiative is capitalizing on this new environment to show students how they can make a difference.

Hyperloop plans promote discussion, collaboration

While Musk’s plans may never materialize, his choice to publish it as an open-design project is an empowering one. It has sparked a lively debate about the state of travel, municipal law and next-generation technology in the United States, while also inviting others to drive the kind of ambitious innovation Musk is known for.